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Parabolan or trenbolone cyclohexylmethylcarbonate, could might as well be considered the mythical steroid in the steroid world. Not because people believed it existed when it actually it didn’t but because it did stay long enough in the market that one would think it wasn’t really there. In its brief appearance it gained so much popularity, a cult following as a matter of fact in such a short span of time, but it didn’t stay long since Negma, its manufacturer pulled it out just as fast as it became well known. One could say it became a legend in steroids. What are its properties that lured so many users?

Parabolan is a super steroid in the steroids 'world'. It is a strong anabolic and androgen, five times more potent than testosterone. Since it is a trenbolone, it binds well to the androgen receptors. And no other steroid is able to do this except for Parabolan. The binding of Parabolan to the androgen receptors triggers the production of lean hard muscles facilitating a rapid gain in muscle mass. This is the reason why it became so popular as a pre-contest drug among bodybuilders and powerlifters. There is no other steroid in the market that has the characteristics of Parabolan as a fast acting and long lasting steroid. It production of muscles cells is so fast that you can gain the bulk that you need in such a short time, and the effects do not wear off right away. This is a very rare characteristic in a steroid. Parabolan is also a great fat burner. The androgens act directly with the androgen receptor to burn fat faster. The more the androgen binds with the AR the higher the lipolysis is on the adipose tissue. This is the reason for Parabolan to be an ideal bulking and cutting agent that should be in your steroid stack. 

That’s not all, Parabolan has a characteristic that makes nutritional partitioning possible. This simply means that when you eat so much, especially since Parabolan is also an appetite stimulator, it turns your food to muscle and not to fat. Isn’t that great, or what? The reason why it also aids in fat loss is that it binds strongly with glucocorticoid receptor as well which promotes catabolism. The process of converting protein into muscle.

Since the parent steroid of Parabolan is trenbolone, it is a potent anabolic androgenic steroid. Some users have reported on experiencing side effects due to its strong anabolic and androgenic characteristics. One these is sexual dysfunction that reduces the sex drive. This is attributed to Parabolan being a progestin. Because of this characteristic, it binds strongly to the female hormone progesterone. But there are some positive reviews on Parabolan that it does not aromatize so the worry of having feminine characteristics may be put to rest. One should understand that if free testosterone bonds with the aromatase enzyme it converts to estrogen. Estrogen is responsible for some female type characteristics such as gynecomastia and bloating. Since Parabolan does not promote water retention there is no need to be concerned over having water weight taking a chunk of your mass gain. However, if you take Parabolan with steroids that has high aromatization it will aggravate the potential gynecomastia. Fact is when you take Parabolan you will develop leaner and harder muscles with the bulking effects noticeable after a few dosages and it will last long even after cessation of Parabolan.


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