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The moment you have landed into this page, perhaps you already know what tamoxifen citrate is. to define the drug, tamoxifen citrate is a popular medication used by thousands of men and women worldwide to fight breast cancer. Although the drug is already used for years, it has been continuously prescribed by doctors because it is the safest option yet the most effective treatment for hormone receptive positive breast cancers. When we say hormone receptive positive it basically means that the tumor is being fed through estrogen. Be competing with the feminine hormone, tamoxifen citrate is able to discourage tumor growth as it binds first with the cell receptors even before the estrogen reaches the receptor sites. And we say that tamoxifen citrate is the most trusted and safe medication because it does not suppress the production of estrogen. Remember that estrogen is also playing other important roles in the body, and their absence can contribute dangerous side effects. In fact, without estrogen the quality of life lowers plus it increases your risk of developing other medical conditions. That is why aromatase inhibitor drugs are rarely prescribed, unless the breast cancer is a negative hormone receptive tumor.

The discovery of tamoxifen citrate as a treatment for gynecomastia has ever since attracted the bodybuilding community. In fact, it has already been practiced to take tamoxifen citrate as a post steroid cycle drug to combat the body’s undesirable effects with steroids. Normally, most body builders take advantage of steroids so that they can easily grow muscles, especially when they are preparing for a big competition. Taking steroids may take some time before the athletes can actually verify the outcomes. But of course taking the drug alone will not guarantee great results if not combined with the right nutrition and intensive trainings.

Although using steroids is the easiest way out to get into a great shape, there are pitfalls when you do not know how to manage the after effects of using the drugs. Normally, when steroid is being injected into the body it lessens the number of androgens. The decreased levels of androgens will cause the body to counteract with the effect by increasing the female hormone which is estrogen. Once the steroid is stopped it will take the body a while to balance again the hormones and thus the side effects are experienced. Among the undesirable effects are the increased fats in particular areas of the body and the development of gynecomastia. To manage these problems, taking tamoxifen citrate will help.

By taking tamoxifen citrate the side effects of taking steroids for a long time will be prevented. Also, for those who have developed gynecomastia, it has been proven that tamoxifen citrate is able to shrink back the breast size to its normal size. But take note, however, that tamoxifen citrate could have adverse side effects if taken the wrong way. Therefore, it is extremely important to have guidance from an expert when you have fully decided to include the use of tamoxifen citrate for your post cycle.


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